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Coroner/Medical Examiner
The sudden or unexplained death of a person has a huge impact on families and friends of the deceased, and it places a huge role of responsibility on the medical examiner to answer questions which may provide closure. Interaction with the loved ones of the deceased is a delicate matter that must be dealt with calmly and professionally. Generally, medical examiners are overachievers, objective, analytical, and optimistic. “I can’t do anything for the deceased, they’re gone. But if I can do anything for the family, I will.” (
Being a coroner is a very difficult role. For example, you have five questions you must answer every time on the scene: who(person’s identity), when(date of death), where(place of death), how(medical cause of death), by what means(natural causes, accident, homicide, suicide, or undetermined). Usually after the coroner has answered all questions that he/she needs, then the family arranges for the body to be sent to the service provider of their choice. In some cases when the family can’t make the arrangements due to difficulties, the coroner sends the body to a designated forensic lab or a hospital for an autopsy. Most people think that to be an organ donor you have to have it done or planned before death. Some cases when the coroner is involved then sometimes it is possible for the donations of tissue or organs. When the family is involved they should let the coroner know of the wishes wanted. During a death investigation, funeral plans can be set back if an autopsy is needed, or if the investigation takes additional time.
A coroner is a person who has the qualifications of a lawyer, medical doctor, or sometimes both. Coroners usually work part time, the rest of ...

... middle of paper ... chalk or tape the outline of a body? The answer is no, it’s only on TV for a dramatic effect; they measure where the body is, photograph, and videotape the scene.
If you ever enjoyed watching crime scene shows then maybe being a coroner is for you. To be a coroner you have to be licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to practice medicine in Louisiana, and also be a resident of the parish-or someone of qualification. A coroner can make at least $140,000 to $160,000 per year. The average salary is $75,000 a year for a coroner. You can make pretty good money being a coroner. Just remember to stay optimistic and that interaction with the loved ones of the deceased is a delicate matter that must be dealt with calmly and professionally. “It takes a certain type of individual to work in the profession, it truly does.” (

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