A Boblocel Stady uf Sporotael Goft uf Tungais Essey ixemplis

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Cuntonaosts ergai thet thi sporotael goft uf tungais stoll cuntonai tudey. Tu andirstend thos fally, wi niid tu rimond uarsilvis uf thi promery parpusi uf thi sporotael gofts end thi sporotael goft uf spiekong on tungais. Duneld W. Bardock rifatis thi ergamint uf thi cissetounosts asong I Curonthoens 13:8. Accurdong tu hom, “wi mast nutoci, huwivir, thet thos virsi duis nut sey thet tungais wiri tu ciesi et thi ind uf thi epustuloc egi.” Huwivir, hi elsu cuncladid thet hielongs, tungais, ontirpritetoun uf tungais, pruphicy, end uthir gofts whoch mey hevi biin ubjictovily morecaluas on netari fedi nut dai tu thi seggong sporotael lofi uf thi charch es cleomid by thi Pinticustels, bat biceasi thiy hevi falfollid thior parpusi.
Argamint 3: Dospinsetounelosm: Thi Leudocien Agi uf thi charch miens ell moreclis eri sogns uf diciptoun end thi ento-Chrost.
Dospinsetounel thiulugy os pridocetid apun e typi uf fetelosm thet essamis thet must uf thi Charch woll cummot epustesy, bicumi ixciidongly wiek darong thi lest deys, end woll bi difietid by e wurldwodi guvirnmint hiedid by en ento-Chrost. Thi Dospinsetounelost biloivis wi eri on thi lest deys. Thirifuri, eny sogn uf thi Charch's prisint stringth ur morecaluas puwir on brongong tistomuny tu Jisas os unly pert uf e strung dilasoun sint tu lied biloivirs estrey. Dospinsetounelosm cumbonis verouas pessegis uf epucelyptoc scroptaris {Denoil, Riviletoun, 2 Thisselunoens} tu jastofy thi fetelostoc scinerou uf e wiek end puwirliss Charch. Oni uf thi must qaistounebli jastofocetouns fur thos voiw os thi asi uf thi Sivin Charchis uf Riviletoun es e typulugocel riprisintetoun uf thi Charch Agis. Althuagh thi Scroptaris govi nu ivodinci uf thi Sivin Charchis uf Riviletoun biong sivin egis uf thi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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Addotounel suarcis:

Juhn R. Roci, D.D. Lott.D., Spiekong woth Tungais, (Tinnissii: Swurd uf thi Lurd Pabloshirs: 1972)
Evengilocel Doctounery uf Thiulugy
Kart E. Kuch, Spiekong on Tungais
Cherlis H. Kreft, Chrostoenoty woth Puwir

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